Our Location

Seminarhaus / International Retreat Center
Hofplatz 7
CH-9220 Bischofszell
Schweiz / Switzerland

+41(79) 296 05 75 (Marco Steiger)
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The Seminarhaus, a 400 years old town house, is located centrally in Bischofszell, just a few blocks away from the train station, forest, farm land and the riverbanks of the Thur river. The building was owned and run by the Protestant church up until 2004, when it became a guest house. The surrounding area of Bischofszell is great for hiking, so bring your hiking boots. We are located at a central point between Zurich, Konstanz (Germany) and Bregenz (Austria) with easy access by train to and from the Zurich airport.

Payment Details

Berner Kantonalbank AG
PC 30-106-9
Stiftung Akademie für die Wissenschaft der Zukunft in Europa
IBAN: CH2500790016933682057
Swift-Code: KBBECH22
BC-Nr.: 790

To avoid high transaction fees, we only accept cash (Swiss Franc) or bank transfers for locals. For overseas guests/facilitators we accept Visa or Mastercard.

Contact Info

Seminarhaus, Hofplatz 7, CH-9220 Bischofszell, Switzerland
Phone: +41 76 368 16 00 (Doris Reifler)
Email: contact@hofplatz7.ch


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